Surprisingly Unexpected Episode 3

Posted on 02 December 2022

Surprisingly Unexpected, where we open the door to new music that you might not have heard before

Hosts Sam Ellis and Tim Nikolsky discuss new, fresh and perhaps unheard Australian music that is worthy of a listen. What makes this music worth listening to?

The worst thing that could happen is that you might not have found your jam yet; the best thing that could happen is that you hear something Surprisingly Unexpected!
Youth Is Wasted On The Young // Milton Man Gough //
also mentioned: Adalita's Video for "Hit Me"
Rone's Installation Art:
Publio Delgado: Jones Big Ass truck rentals and storage:
Adam Neely: How to turn viral videos into Jazz Fusion:
You can also listen to the podcast on Spotify but we much more recommend that you listen to artists directly on Bandcamp and support their music with your ethical, sustainable and responsible listening.