The Australian Jazz Real Book is dedicated to the preservation and distribution of Australian Jazz in both digital and print.

My aim with this site is to digitally curate the definitive collection of Australian jazz tunes from Australian composers. That is, to make  Australian jazz available to the next generation of jazz musicians so that (as the late and great Graeme Bell puts it) "prevents it from sinking into the waters of invisibility". It is also designed for practising and performing musicians, educators and curriculum designers with the opportunity to integrate Australian jazz into music curricula. The idea of it is to create a resource that students can turn to for repertoire that is uniquely Australian; containing tunes that are 'gig-ready' and also representative of the Australian Jazz Sound.

I'd like your help to build it. I've tried to create the ultimate platform in which we can all collaborate and play eachother's tunes. I understand that even with including 400+ tunes, there are many tunes and artists that I have missed. There are a number of reasons why some artists were not included. Some artists did not respond to years of emails and phone calls. Some artists did not want to be part of it, as their compositions were designed to be specifically played by particular people.

This is only the start. There is much fantastic music being composed all the time that I'd love to inlcude and promote. There is also a great wealth of tunes that I haven't heard yet that would be great to include.

You can contact me at

ausjazzrb (at) gmail (dot) com

or by clicking HERE

How Do I Buy The Physical Book?

If you click on the "Buy Now" button you will be redirected to the Paypal site where you can buy the book and have it sent to you anywhere in Australia. The book costs $100+$15 postage and handling within Australia. Contact us for overseas shipping rates.

** As of 2021, this book is no longer available. Please do not order the physical book. Digital Subscriptions available only. **

You've done a great job supporting the preservation and dissemenation of Australian Jazz. Can I/we donate?

Yes your donations are more than welcome. Funds donated will go back into making the AJRB even better with more features and resources. Thanks for supporting!

About the Editor of the Australian Jazz Real Book

Dr. Tim Nikolsky is a Melbourne based musician, educator, tech guy, PhD graduate, cyclist, enthusiastic homebrewer and most of the time an all round pretty good guy. His PhD on the development of the Australian Jazz Real Book is the first of its kind in Australia, has won him accolades as well as earning him some enemies, but is widely regarded as a long overdue valuable resource. Tim has written, recorded and produced several albums, and plays in several bands around Melbourne on guitar, electric and double bass.