2022: The Year In Review

Posted on 30 December 2022

Thanks for your support in 2022. The AJRB exists because of the people, the creativity, and the scene. "Surviving Is The New Thriving" is what we've been saying at AJRB headquarters. I hope that you have made it through relatively unscathed; and can put positive energy into a creative 2023.

In 2022, we:

  • Featured a whole bunch of exciting, creative new artists worthy of more attention
  • Featured established artists who continue to do fantastic work in realising their creative voice ever better
  • Added 110 new tunes from 16 Artists
  • AJRB is currently at 1595 Compositions from 296 Composers
  • Have made progress towards making representation more diverse and inclusive; but much more work to do.
  • Wrote 2 articles for Dingo Jazz Journal; a deep dive on Gian Slater's "Spider" and the other entitled "The Brave New World"
  • Paid royalties; and donated to charities such as Support Act; ASRC, PBS, Unicef
  • Started a podcast "Surprisingly Unexpected" to do what the algorithm won't: human curated listening informed by context.
  • Built the Australian Jazz Directory - currently not that populated; more work to do on it.
  • Were nominated for an APRA/AMCOS AMC Art Music Award for Excellence in Education. Didn't win, but great to be in the room nonetheless!
  • Hopefully drove some traffic, eyes and ears to your Bandcamp page resulting in more sales, more gig attendance and more interaction.


In 2023, we plan to:

  • Continue to represent the diversity and brilliance of the Au Jazz Scene
  • Continue to publish new digital resources
  • Possibly publish some new physical resources (if there's interest)
  • Hopefully get to visit more Music Universities IRL to keep encouraging the articulation of personal voice in Au.
  • Hopefully get some more Deep Dives published in Dingo Jazz Journal
  • Keep On Keeping On
  • Be informed by what you want more of.