Congratulations James Macaulay, National Jazz Awards 2017 Wangaratta Jazz Festival Winner

Posted on 07 November 2017

Congratulations to James Macaulay, the 2017 National Jazz Award winner for Brass at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. Check out his tunes and his latest recording!

An outstanding final on Sunday also contained Niran Dasika and Thomas Avgenicos.

The top 10 finalists were: Thomas Avgenicos; (21) - trumpet - New South Wales, Josh Bennier (21) - trombone - Victoria, Niran Dasika (23, pictured) - trumpet - Victoria, Simon Ferenci (34) - trumpet - New South Wales, James Macaulay (29) - trombone - Victoria, Ricki Malet (34) - trumpet - Western Australia, Eamon McNelis (34) - trumpet - Victoria, Joe O'Connor (28) - trombone - Victoria, Alex Taylor (26) - trombone - South Australia, Patrick Thiele (33) - trumpet - Victoria.

The National Jazz Awards help provide support exposure to young jazz musicians (up to 35 years of age), and is one of the highlights of the Wangaratta festival of jazz. The winner takes home $12,000, as well as studio time at ABC Jazz. Additionally for 2017, the winner will be invited to an 'global jazz showcase' at the Amersfoort Jazz Festival, allowing them valuable exposure by gaining industry recognition in front of an international audience.