AJRB - The New Decade

Posted on 05 January 2020

Chris Broomhead New Tunes // newsletter

As it's the end of the decade and a new one begins (and for the pedants amongst us - you'll need to wait a little longer if you believe that new decades start with a 1 at the end and not a zero) it's given us a bit of a chance to reflect on what has happened in the 10 years previous. As well as 417 tunes in the physical AJRB; there are (at last count) 1263 tunes from 350 composers available online for digital subscribers. Tertiary institutions around Australia have written Australian Jazz into their curricula and have made this resource available to developing musicians. To answer the critics as to whether there is such a thing as "Australian Jazz"; I think this has been answered beyond a shadow of doubt. Australian creative musicians continue to produce fantastic, original, innovative, interesting and unique musics that draw upon a wide variety of inspirations, influences, and backgrounds. There is incredible diversity in what we make. There also exists a fortitude to continue to create what does not exist yet; in spite of all the challenges and lack of support.
I look forward to the next decade of interesting creative music that this community makes. I will continue to work on the AJRB as long as people think it is an important thing that it exists. How do you support it? Subscribe.

Thanks for your continued support - TN
2020 aim - 2020 tunes by the end of the decade?