The Massive AJRB Bandcamp List

Posted on 27 April 2020

Good on Bandcamp for leading the way. On the first Friday of every month they waive their revenue share so independent musicians receive the full share. Bandcamp appears to be the best option for independent musicians; and is a fantastic alternative to the streaming services; which do not serve interests of creators in any way whatsoever. Some see streaming services as a necessary evil, others rightfully boycott. It's not a sustainable model or workable. So, I encourage you to be mindful of your music consumption habits and be ethical and sustainable in your choices wherever possible.

The translated time period for us in Australia is from 5pm Friday to 5pm Saturday. Other dates may come up. Or you could just check Go forth and support our local creators! Feel free to link to this in your socials.

As to not favour alphabetically advantaged people, I've mixed the list up a bit to hopefully bring back some balance to the artists up the Spencer street end of things....... Also, if I've missed anyone here please email and I'll include it.