Submission Guidelines for Composers

Posted on 25 June 2013

Excellent! Now that you're reading this page it means you would like to get your tunes into the AJRB. Please follow the steps below so you can be considered. As physical books are mostly static in that it is near impossible to add tunes to them (you couldn't fit any more tunes in the book anyway) I am adding tunes regularly to the AJRB website and delivering them electronically to subscribers. There exists a significant opportunity to document many compositions that didn't make it into the physical book.

I require the following to be submitted electronically by email to 

  • Your tunes as leadsheets in Sibelius format. Please ensure that the notes and chords are accurate! If you have Finale files, that's cool too, I can import those and apply the house style settings I use. I try to be consistent in layout so charts are clear and readable. I'll email them back to you for proofreading and approval before posting online. If you only have handwritten charts, it'll take me some time to get those processed.
  • Professionally recorded High quality MP3s of every tune to stream online. Don't worry, nobody can download these; they're streamed only. If your record company is not keen with this, please email 60 second edited excerpts if you have their permission. If you would prefer links to your bandcamp, cd store, or streaming service I'm happy to do that instead, or as well.
  • A current biography and discography.
  • Links to your website, iTunes, youtube, bandcamp, twitter, interviews, reviews and anything else relevant.
  • Professional photos as JPG files; size between 500k to 1mb. Black & white or colour is fine. Portrait or landscape is fine. Action photos of you playing is good, flattering headshots are even better.

A list of desirables: If you have these it would be great to include them:

  • Backing tracks: If you have the multitracks of your recordings and you have recorded with a reasonable amount of isolation, it would be a fantastic resource to make a backing track for students to practice with. 
  • Transcriptions: If you know of anybody that has done a transcription of any of your solos, it would be great to include these as well. This can provide valuable insight to the harmonic/melodic/rhythmic language that is used.

I really appreciate your efforts to be organised with these items. The more links you provide means more opportunity for promotion, and provides people with a far greater understanding and knowledge of your music. These people are much more likely to go to your gigs, buy your recordings, and know that you exist!

The email newsletter goes out once every month. I try to feature new, establishing, and underrepresented artists. The real value of continuing to update the AJRB and congtinually add more material is that it documents all the fantastic new music that is continuing to be made and released. Hopefully people check it out, play eachothers tunes, and contribute to the vibrancy and uniqueness of the Australian Jazz scene.