New Backing Track: "Epic" by Jonathan Zwartz

Posted on 07 March 2014

Epic is a through-composed work in 5/4 in the key of B minor. The odd meter makes for a strangely hypnotic effect, allowing the piece to go for sometime without seeming particularly long. Composed by double bassist Jonathan Zwartz, it features on his debut album of original compositions released in 2009 “The Sea” which won two prestigious Bell awards, and was the best selling Australian jazz release in 2010 and 2011.
According to Jonathan Zwartz, “the piece was written on nylon string guitar and inspired in a general way by Brazilian music, particularly music for voice and guitar. The melody is very much a vocal one.”  It came about as a kind of lullaby to help the composer's children to sleep.
Epic features performances by Jonathan Zwartz, Barney McAll, Phil Slater, Doug DeVries, Hamish Stuart and Fabian Hevia.

Epic Backing Track and Supplementary Material