Jazz Composition Forum

Posted on 24 September 2014

Fantastic opportunity for jazz composers! From http://www.adamstarr.com.au/workshop.html
If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are either a composer, know a composer or have an interest in composition. I invite you to learn with me. I run a Jazz Composition Forum that features a house ensemble comprising of musicians who also compose. The Forum will consist of two sets, the first of which will feature new works by the ensemble members. The second set will feature new works by composers, young and old, experienced and less so.

I am hoping that you will submit your work for consideration to be performed at the Jazz Composition Forum. All compositions that we DO perform in the second set will submitted to the Australian Real Book for consideration. Even though I can't promise your piece will get performed, I will get back to you.

Details are below:
Sunday October 12
9pm - 11pm
Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

Saxophone: Anton Delecca
Piano: Anthony Schulz
Guitar: Adam Starr
Bass: Simon Starr
Drums: Dave Beck

You can submit either a lead-sheet or an arrangement, in either .pdf or .sib (sibelius chart) format. I am looking forward to checking out your work. Bear in mind that we will have a limited amount of time to look at the material beforehand…