Backing Tracks Coming Your Way!

Posted on 20 February 2014

Backing Tracks Coming Your Way!
What we're aiming to do is get more people into playing jazz, particularly Australian Jazz. Over the forthcoming months we're going to be regularly adding resources that helps students practice, as well as providing some pathways of understanding for educators as a way of getting into the music. The backing tracks feature an all-star rhythm section of Larold Dirtog on Piano, Frank Di Sario on Double Bass, and Tony Floyd on Drums. Recorded at Soggy Dog Studio by Steve Vertigan. In addition to having an awesome backing track to practice with, there will be supplementary materials that will help beginning jazz students and teachers alike; with composition analysis, background stories for each tune, sample piano voicings, sample basslines, sample drum patterns, and often solo transcriptions. This will help Music Investigation, Music Style and Composition, and Music Performance students. The composition analysis will discuss melodic, rhythmic and harmonic devices, so that students can gain a deeper understanding of what is going on.
We hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

First up we have an absolute classic of Australian Jazz, "Digger's Rest" by Brian Brown.
Digger's Rest - Brian Brown with backing track 
Digger's Rest Supplementary Material 
Stay Tuned! More coming soon