Zela Margossian

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Zela Margossian Quintet is an ethno-jazz band based in Sydney, performing original works and arrangements carrying influences from Armenian traditional music.

Born in Beirut of Armenian heritage, Zela’s music bears influences from the rich and colourful cultures that she represents. During her years studying piano performance in Armenia, Zela developed a great passion for the unique Armenian ethno-jazz that she experiences in the lively local scene. After moving to Sydney, she embarked on a new journey of nurturing this passion and has been making her mark here as a blossoming composer and artist.

Comprised of talented and multi-cultural musicians from Sydney, Zela Margossian Quintet creates an exotic musical atmosphere that is sure to take you on an emotive and pleasurable journey.

The Zela Margossian Quintet participated in the Beirut International Jazz Festival in Beirut, Lebanon in April 2018. The Quintet has also participated in different festivals in Sydney such as the International Women’s Jazz Festival in 2017 and Sydney Improvised Music Association’s Winter Jazz Festival in June 2018 as a headline band.

Transition, the band’s debut album was released digitally by Art As Catharsis record label on the 30thof November. Art As Catharsis describes the Quintet’s music as follows:

“’Transition’ is a richly textured progressive world jazz album with heavy Armenian influences. From start to finish, the songs on the album bear many hidden traits that make it all the more enjoyable. Margossian’s stop-start style of fast, accurate piano, coupled with the quintet’s wild percussion and drumming, soothing clarinet and double bass are all perfectly complemented by a clean, authentic production style – allowing each instrument to breathe and be appreciated to their fullest.”