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    Swing · 1990-2000 · Medium · Instrumental · F · 4/4


Multi-instrumentalist Steven Grant has travelled the world playing all kinds of music on all kinds of instruments, including bass in reggae and rock bands, solo ragtime piano at major jazz festivals and trumpet in classical chamber music.

Steven Grant is known and respected by his contemporaries simply as a genius musician. He plays guitar like Django Reinhardt, he is seen as one of the best New Orleans stride pianists in Australia and can cut the Coltrane changes on saxophone.

Being seen primarily as a trumpet player, Steven is a natural musician and composer. Growing up in Melbourne he cut his teeth playing in many of the wonderful trad. jazz groups and since then has been in demand in various different styles. He has toured overseas in Europe extensively with bands such as the Hoodangers and has worked with artists such as Kate Cebrano, Julie O'Hara and Barney McCall. He performed and toured nationally and internationally for two years with the Moscow Circus as lead trumpet in 1998 and is currently in demand as a freeelance musician in Melbourne performing and recording regularly.