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Hailing from a non-musical family in Brunswick, Victoria; I began my creative exploration at the age of 13 with a second hand electric bass guitar. A short five years later I had moved to the upright bass, and enrolled in the RMIT Bachelor of Fine Arts program, where I was able to experiment with audio and visual media.

I have always experienced a strong link between sound and imagery: My affinity with these two modalities facilitated my desire to create an instrument that embodied both the sonic and visual elements of my internal world, creating a bridge between my past, present and future. 

Since then, I have worked with many artists, including Bob Sedergreen’s Blues on the Boil, Brian Brown, La Mama Theatre Company's Snake Skin Fence; and currently with James Wakeling and Serge DeLucio. 

In 2007, I released, Resolve: Works For Solo Bass, which you can sample here
I hope you enjoy my improvisations and compositions.