Maddison Carter

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Maddison Carter is a Melbourne-based drummer and composer, quickly making a name for his vast textural palette, versatility and extended rhythmic vocabulary as an improviser. Maddison is a member and co-leader of bands the Maddison Carter Quintet, ISM, Carbo Carter Gunnoo, Freudian Sleep, and the Bean Project. Maddison performs regularly with leading Australian jazz musicians, and has performed with the likes of Andrea Keller, Eugene Ball, Tamara Murphy, Ren Walters, Miroslav Bukovsky, James Sherlock, the Allan Browne Quintet, Julien Wilson, Phil Noy, and James Macaulay. 
The Maddison Carter Quintet launched itself last year (including a debut for the MJC) as a contemporary jazz ensemble, seeking to blur the lines between improvisation and composition, pulse and tempi. Made up of prominent musicians with a thirst for new Australian music, featuring works by young drummer/composer Maddison Carter. With a sound palette ranging from simple melodies to layered-multi-tempi structures, this ensemble steps in to fill a gap in the Melbourne music scene. Comprising Eugene Ball (trumpet), Theo Carbo (electric guitar), Joe O’Connor (piano), Tamara Murphy (bass), and Maddison Carter (drums), the ensemble launched their debut album in March.  In this project, Maddison offers that “the individual is often asked to make improvisatory choices within the compositional structure of a piece that exert non-metronomically related tempi against one-another. The superimposition of these tempi propels the piece forward and drags it back all at once, creating a rhythmically ambiguous space that allows one's ears to wander, latching on to what they can.”

- Maddison Carter Quintet, Elbow Room (2019)
- Flora Carbo Trio, Erica (2018)
- The Bean Project, Chasing Your Tail (2018)
- Leadlight, A Time and Space (2017)
- The Bean Project, Naked Trees (2017)
- ISM, This Canvas (2016)