James Sherlock

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Tunes by James Sherlock

  • Rock March
    Straight · 2000-2010 · Medium · Instrumental · E · 3/4


James began playing classical guitar at age 7. He attended the QLD Conservatorium of Music, studying classical guitar and graduated in 1992. James moved to Melbourne in 93' and is currently based in Brisbane. James was the winner of the Ike Isaacs International Jazz Guitar Award (1997) and was nominated for the Freedman Fellowship in 2005.

He has worked with a variety of bands and soloists, including Barney McAll, Scott Tinkler, Ken Edie, Dale Barlow, Sheila Jordan, Bernie McGann, Simon Barker, Brett Hirst, Ingrid Jensen, Steve Newcomb, Joe Chindamo, Allan Browne, Jim Kelly and Doug DeVries.

As well as playing or recording with such diverse artists as British guitar virtuoso Martin Taylor, The Australian Chamber Orchestra, The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, The Queensland Orchestra, Katie Noonan & New York film composer Howard Shore. The James Sherlock Trio is featured in the ABC TV Jazz Series "The Pulse". James is currently teaching guitar at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music & Queensland University of Technology . James plays a custom Hancock archtop and a custom Paul Pallister amplifier.