David Dower

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Tunes by David Dower

  • Selo
    Straight · 2020-2030 · Medium · Vocal · C · 4/4
  • Kopanitsa
    Straight · 2020-2030 · Hard · Instrumental · E · Odd meter
  • Mravka
    Straight · 2020-2030 · Medium · Instrumental · Eb · 4/4
  • Tell Me What You See
    Ballad · 2020-2030 · Medium · Vocal · Db · 4/4
  • Syanka
    Straight · 2020-2030 · Medium · Vocal · Bb · Odd meter
  • Freya
    Rubato · 2020-2030 · Medium · Instrumental · G · 4/4


"Dower has lovingly formulated a vocabulary that goes well beyond imitation, making his playing instantly recognisable without sounding contrived or prosaic" London Blues & Soul Magazine 2016

David Dower is a Melbourne-based jazz pianist & composer. Specialising in original jazz and contemporary music, David has performed widely throughout the UK, Bulgaria, Ireland, France, Malaysia, and Australia, sharing the stage with the likes of Robin Banerjee (UK), Tina May (UK), Trudy Kerr (UK), The Victorian Police Band (AUS), Vesela Morova (Bulgaria) & Zhivko Vasilev (Bulgaria). David has been involved in projects that have supported Fred Wesley (USA), Kate Ceberano (AUS), Jack Jones (AUS) and The Choirboys (AUS). Through Monash University’s Artist-in-Residence program, David was fortunate to share the stage with American jazz musicians George Garzone, Jim Black, John Abercrombie, and Brazilian percussionist Roberta Valente. While living in the UK, David received the opportunity to perform for Prince Edward (UK).

David completed his Performance Research Masters in music at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2015, focusing on Solo Jazz Piano techniques.

Most recently, David has undertaken his fourth tour of Bulgaria, recording a 3rd album with his Trio and Bulgarian guest artists (including a traditional folklore choir). This exciting project has seen the band play over 25 gigs in the country, including three festival appearances, two of which have been televised in Bulgaria. 

Discography –

David Dower Trio – Mravka (2022)

David Dower & Briana Cowlishaw – Keep Them Still (2020)

David Dower Trio – There Are No Stars (2019)

David Dower Trio – Made in Sofia (2018)

DGF Trio – Impromptu (2017)

David Dower & Matt Fisher – The Fieldgate Sessions (2017)

David Dower & Matt Fisher – The Frog, The Fish and the Whale (2016)