Christophe Genoux

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Tunes by Christophe Genoux

  • Mardi Treize
    Swing · 2000-2010 · Hard · Instrumental · B · Odd meter
  • Evocative Something
    Latin · 2000-2010 · Medium · Instrumental · D · 4/4
  • Sisley
    Swing · 2000-2010 · Easy · Instrumental · D · 4/4
  • Pluto's Cycle
    Other · 2000-2010 · Medium · Instrumental · Bb · 4/4


Christophe Genoux – Composer, saxophone, singer, educator. 

Born in France, Christophe moved to Australia in 1986. He is a very versatile composer and performer in the Melbourne music scene, playing various styles (from contemporary Jazz to Pop music) and performing as a solo act, duo, trio, to a full big band. He plays all saxophones, clarinet, flute, piano and is a singer. He is also a composer and has released 4 albums of his original compositions. Christophe just completed his Master degree in improvisation/composition at Melbourne University. He also works as an actor and voice actor. He has performed at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival and at The Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Christophe has played with some of the finest musicians in Melbourne such as Andrea Keller, Barney McAll, Sam Keevers, Bob Sedergreen, Tony Gould, Allan Browne, Mark Fitzgibbon, Jamie Oelers, James Sherlock and singers Michelle Nicolle, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Yvette Johansson, Julie O’Hara....