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Chris has been involved in the Melbourne music scene for over twenty years. He has appeared at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival, Melbourne International Festival, Falls Festival and Meredith Music Festival. Also at Bennett’s Lane, Uptown, Paris Cat and Dizzy’s jazz clubs. Chris has performed with Sam Keevers, Mark Fitzgibbon, Jamie Oehlers, Steve Hadley, Craig Fermanis, David Rex, Scott Tinkler, Philip Rex, Leigh Barker, Reg Walsh Big Band, Dizzy’s Big Band, Grand Wazoo and many other artists including vocalists Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Nina Ferro and Julie O’Hara. The Chris Pappas Quartet released an independent album ‘Sober Nova’ in 2001 and in 2007 his original soul/funk band Sugarbeat released the successful album ‘Days’. Chris studied in New York during two stays there, with Dave Leibman (Miles Davis), David Binney, Mark Turner and internationally recognised jazz educator George Garzone. He continues to compose and perform regularly with contemporary jazz quintet Shol the Chris Pappas Quartet/Quintet and soul/r&b outfit The Lowdown in Melbourne’s music venues.