Anthony Schulz

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Tunes by Anthony Schulz

  • Gertrude
    Straight · 2000-2010 · Medium · Instrumental · D · 4/4
  • Horizons
    Straight · 2010-2020 · Medium · Instrumental · Eb · 3/4
  • Leo
    Straight · 2000-2010 · Medium · Instrumental · E · 5/4


One of the more unique and individual voices in Australian improvised music, Anthony Schulz has developed and expanded a sound world that shatters all preconceptions of the Piano Accordion. In 1996 he was a founding member of the groundbreaking ensemble Frock, a group that speaks through the meld of disparate cultures, historical displacement and a vision for the future that is both hopeful and challenging. Frock’s ongoing exploration of improvisation, form and ensemble relationship has led them to produce seven albums and perform their music throughout Australia, Europe and Asia. “The sense of space evoked by these musicians – even when all six were playing together – gave much of the concert an intimate, chamber-jazz feel.  But Frock’s infectious energy and humor also propelled the music into unexpected moods of playful celebration.” Jessica Nicholas, The Age

At one point thrashing his accordion in the dissonant expressionism of Berg’s Wozzeck and to the next improvising freely with ECM icon Barre Phillips; he then re-appears in a contemporary jazz performance with the noted jazz vibraphonist Dave Samuels or renowned guitarist Doug DeVries. In 2007, Anthony was awarded an ARIA for his work with Zulya and the Children of the Underground (Best World Music Album - Three Nights) “…The original songs are built mostly around Anthony Schulz’s inventive Piano Accordion playing (Dave Curry, Canberra Times).

Anthony’s performances have been described as, "... surprising, beautiful, somewhat mysterious music... often, simultaneously, ancient, modern, intricately constructed & improvisatory." (Doug Spencer, The Planet) and “Anthony Schulz stands out on accordion, with his sophisticated use of harmony and countermelody.” (Rootsworld). 



Zulya and the Children of the Underground. (World) Arrangements and compositions contributed.

Album titles:

  • The Waltz of Emptiness (2004- UAR, Australia/Westpark Music, Germany)

2005 National Film and Sound Archive Award for best World Music Album

  • Three Nights (2007-UAR, Australia/Westpark Music, Germany) 2007 ARIA Award for best World Music Album
  • Tales of Subliming (2010-Unstable Ape, Australia) 

Frock (Jazz/Contemporary)

Compositions and arrangement contributed on all CDs.

Album titles:

  • Caught Gesture (1998-Independent release)
  • Tales of Olive Groves (2000-Newmarket, Australia)

Aria award nominee

  • Splash (recorded in Germany ,2002-Newmarket, Australia)
  • Degustation (2004-Vorticity,Australia)
  • Decadence: Frock, Live at the Lane (2007-Independent release)
  • The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. (2009-ABC,Australia)
  • Apogee. (2012-Independent release, Australia)

Ananke/Eurotrash. (World) Exploration of Free Improvisation and use of the Greek fishing song form.

Album titles:

•       Anomie (2002-Independent release)

•       Eurotrash Taksim (2004-Independent release)

•       Spoke quietly, amongst themselves (2006-Independent release)

•       Maps for losing oneself (2008-Independent release)

•       Ananke (2011-Independent release)

Doug DeVries. (World/Brazilian)

Album title:

•       A Knot in the Wood (2002-editions_ddv, Australia)

Jenny M Thomas. (Folk) Contemporary arrangements of Australian folk songs.

Album title:

•       Farewell to Old England Forever (2006-Black Market Music, Australia) 2007 Golden Fiddle Award, Tamworth Country Music Festival

Not This Not That. (Jazz)

Album title:

•       All This For That (2008-Downstream, Australia)

Anita Hustas Trio. (Jazz)

DVD title:

•       Live at BMW Edge DVD (2005-Independent release)

Film Soundtrack

The Widower. (Film) (2005) Sound track conducted by Paul Grabowsky and composed by Elena Kats-Chernin.

Track Contributions

Nichaud Fitzgibbon. (Jazz) Album title:

•       After hours (2001-Bilarm Music, Australia)

Jacqueline Gawler. (Jazz/Pop) Album title:

•        Ambrosia (2010-Independent release, Australia)

Avatar. (Jazz) Album title:

•        Hands (2008-Avatar, Australia)

FGHR. (Jazz) (with Leonard Grigoryan) Album title:

•       Going Home (2009-Which Way Music, Australia)

Sime Nugent. (Pop)Album title:

•         Broke and Banned: Songs of Sime Nugent(2007-Independent release, Australia