Andrew Saragossi

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Tunes by Andrew Saragossi

  • Boundaries
    Free · 2020-2030 · Medium · Instrumental · 4/4
  • How We Cope
    Free · 2020-2030 · Medium · Instrumental · Eb · 4/4
  • The Cure
    Free · 2020-2030 · Medium · Instrumental · C · Odd meter
  • What Would Doom Do?
    Straight · 2020-2030 · Medium · Instrumental · Odd meter
  • Why Not Beauty?
    Free · 2020-2030 · Medium · Instrumental · Ab · Compound


With a passion for the unorthodox and a knack for cultivating unique ensemble identities, Melbourne-based saxophonist, improviser and composer Andrew Saragossi has established himself across several and varied creative outlets as a chameleon with a wind instrument - not bound by genre or personal taste, but by a relentless search for deeper musical meaning.

Saragossi’s artistic practice is multidimensional. Whilst firmly grounded in the jazz tradition, his affinity for experimentation, and his deeply personal approach to improvisation and extended instrumental techniques (honed during his Master of Music studies in the Netherlands/Germany (2018-20)), has evolved to broaden his sonic potential into a realm beyond the stereotypical function of the saxophone.  His creative work sits equally in the abstract as it does in the conventional, achieving an honest balance between raw spontaneous expression and refined execution – always in service of the music at hand.

His versatility and fluidity are reflected in his diverse and critically recognised original projects, through which he has released over 11 albums and toured internationally.   These include his experimental folk-duo MEATSHELL (winners 2020 Maastricht Jazz Awards & 2019 Award for Innovation in Music, NL); avant-bogan progressive jazz trio Milton Man Gogh (finalists 2020 B-Jazz International Competition & 2018 Young AUS Jazz Artist of the Year); and his latest trio project Loose Leaf ft. Helen Svoboda (double bass) and Canadian drummer Dylan van der Schyff, who released their debut album “How we Cope” in April 2023.  

In 2022, Saragossi was nominated for the prestigious Freedman Jazz Fellowship and is currently undertaking the Bespoke Artist professional development program with Speak Percussion. 



Saragossi has that unique ability to make the instrument sing, as if you can almost make out some secret lyrics buried beneath... more direct than real words could ever be.
- Musical Sound Bites (2021)
“No pedestal, no bullshit, just music that means something, music that comes from somewhere and I think the audience can find their way into his world feeling comforted and welcomed.”
- Brodie Mcallister – MADE NOW MUSIC